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About Cravin'

With years of experience in the culinary industry, Chef Mike conceptualized Cravin' Flavas as a way to showcase his unique flavors across generations and cultures. Chef Mike creatively adds a spin to traditional food dishes using fresh, quality ingredients, turning a mediocre meal into a top, savory dish.

Meet the Chef

It all started when Chef Mike discovered his passion for cooking at a young age, watching his grandmother in the kitchen. He spent years mastering his craft, frequently experimenting with a variety of traditional dishes and cuisines. Chef Mike curated recipes and distinct flavors that became signature, which inspired the name, Cravin' Flavas. 


Experiencing a minor setback in the latter part of his life, Chef Mike successfully turned his life around as a way to show young men that there's opportunity in the culinary industry after incarceration. Since then, it's been up for Chef Mike.


Chef Mike has created memorable experiences and food solutions for hundreds of clients with meal prep and event catering. 

Chef Mike is a proud alumnus of DC Central Kitchen and DREAM program by Dreaming Out Loud, Inc.


Professional Food Manager and Alcohol Handler certified. 

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